SmartREST template doesn't apply

I have a custom template with id 222.
I have created a new device MQTTBoxDevice using MQTTBox.
I subscribed the error topic s/e

I tried to send message 222,45
And I received error message: “40,222,No static template for this message id”

I tried to create template 10,333,POST,MEASUREMENT,c8y_TemperatureMeasurement,c8y_TemperatureMeasurement.T.value,NUMBER,
But I received folow message agan: “40,10,No static template for this message id”

At the same time a static template (for example 211) works well.

Why is Cumulocity trying to find a static template instead of my own template?
Why can’t Cumulocity find a static template 10?
How can I create template and send message using this template?

Hi Alexander,

to use custom templates instead of static templates you need to address them in the mqtt topic.

Please see Device integration using MQTT - Cumulocity IoT Guides for more informations on that.

The standard topic you should use is s/uc/
where is replaced with your template’s ID.

best regards

Thank you!

It is working.