Upload device text config via MQTT

Dear community

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I am trying to work with upload text configuration from an MQTT device.

As suggested on our guide Device management library - Cumulocity IoT Guides I have created a new custom template to manage the c8y_SendConfiguration

published 11,100,c8y_SendConfiguration,deviceId on topic s/ut/myTemplate

once I click on “get configuration from my device” in the configuration TAB, I do not get any request on topic s/dt or s/ds

which is the topic I need to subscribe to receive the SendConfiguration command just created?



Hi Mauro,

have a look here: Cumulocity IoT Tips and Tricks - MQTT cheat sheet
The topic you need to subscribe is “s/dc/myTemplate” if “myTemplate” is your template id.

Btw. event it is suggested to upload the configuration on request to C8Y you can much easier update the text-based configuration using the static template 113,“configProp1=val1\nprop2=val2\n…” on “s/us” topic especially if the configuration it not very big and only uploaded & updated on agent (re)start.

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Find also here a more complete list of all templates:



The actual list for static templates can be found here


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