Slow responses and lag/latency in API Gateway GET updates following a PUT

Hello all!

I have a problem with our API Gateway. Currently, calls through the API Gateway are lagging or experiencing latency when performing an update [PUT] to a record, then retrieving [GET] this record following the update. I know the API Gateway does add timing to the response, but it requires to GET requests to see the record reflect the update while making the update and retrieval request to the API directly updates right away without need for retry [getting 422 from native API based on the delay in PUT record being available for GET].

Are there additional details you can share? The info so far is a bit…sparse. We know 3 things: a PUT, a GET and “perception is the GET is slow”. But we know nothing of the configuration. How slow is slow. What/where the native app is. What network infrastructure is between them. What happens when called directly without the gateway.

There are many, many things to consider. If you can provide details, without exposing any sensitive info of course, that will help the community give more helpful feedback rather than pure speculation about what might be the cause.