Slow response time of API Gateway

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API GW 10.5

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Hi all,

I have a problem with our API Gateway. It adds a massive overhead in regards of the response time to the request. E.g. if I call some API directly without going through the API GW I have around 300ms response time. If I add the API GW to the path I get response times around 3s.
The interesting thing is that I only use one endpoint of the API that has 20-30 endpoints in total. If I delete all the other endpoints I can get down to around 330-350ms, which might be expected as the API GW is doing some logging.

Can anyone tell me why a “bigger API”, an API with more endpoints, slows down my REST calls this massively? Also tried with some dummy REST APIs where I just called a not existing endpoint. I just got a 404 by the API GW as expected but the API with more endpoints was much slower in regards to the response time.

hi @tiggena ,
Can you please create the SI for same .
Also please attach the archives for it.

Please share the details once you create the SI.

Vikash Sharma

@tiggena let me know the list policy which you have configured on your API and if there are any post / pre processing call to do logging ? When you native service is responding in 300 ms ideally APIGW will add on few milliseconds to your overall turn around time . But not at this huge difference of milliseconds.

@DINESH_J @Vikash_Sharma1
Thanks for your replies. Basically I have only imported the pet store API twice, in one API I have then deleted all endpoints and left only one. This API is much faster than the other, complete, one.
I haven’t added any policy. There is just

Straight Through Routing
Validate API Specification

That have been automatically added.