skip processValidations phase


Does anyone know how to skip the processValidations phase?
Setting the imediate property to true on the command properties tab makes it skip this phase, but also skips the UpdateModelValues phase which isn’t good for my case.


Hi Bruno,
could you explain a bit more in detail why you want to skip the process validation phase?

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I’m trying to create a table with two dropdowns per row, one on each column and the second dropdown depends on the value selected on the first one.

For instance, let’s say there’s one dropdown with a continent: Europe, Asia, … and when selecting it the other dropdown’s choices are updated with the continent’s countries.

Now what I’ve done:

Created the table and the webservice connectors for the choices.
Created one options group provider for each web service’s outputs.
Added the dropdowns.
Created an async button (raises onChange for the first dropdown value) which calls the countries web service and refreshes the dropdown choices.

The problem:
At the first row I select the continent and it refreshes correctly the countries’ dropdown choices.
At the second row I select a different value for the continent and when it tries to refresh countries dropdown it fails, with “Validation error: value not valid”.

My guess is that this is because I’m using the same provider for all the dropdowns on the second column. In my sample I have 2 dropdowns on the second column one for each row and only one provider for the choices.

For what I’ve read about JSF, even if we are making an ajax call where only a portion of the web page is refreshed, the processValidations phase checks for all the data on the page, even the one not refreshed.

One workaround could be achieved by setting the “other values” property to true. But this creates a button on the page… yep a could hide but… it’s only a workaround.

For what I’ve seen on the forums I’m not the only one having trouble with this. Is it possible to have a sample, or a step-by-step guide showing how to do it?

Hope this clears it.

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Hi Bruno,
If i understand your problem correctly,
You have 2 dropdowns, say State and City. On selecting State, the Cities list should be populated with out invoking validations on the screen for other input controls.

If yes,
Please find the attachemt document which has step by step procedure of how to achieve the above.
value change listener.doc (1.36 MB)

Sorry, forgot to mention the MWS version.
The document which was uploaded was implemented in 7.1.2 version