Skin Deployment


I’m searching for a possibility to deploy skins with a CAF Project in Designer.

I have created a Skin with the MWS Skin editor, exported and extracted the .skin file into the Designer project.

However, I get an error when i try to open the skin in the skin editor after deployment with the designer: C:\webMethods7\MWS\server\default\deploy\portal.war\ui\skins\TestSkin5175\
(There are no errors in mws.log/install.log while deployment)

What went wrong on deployment? Can this work at all?

(I attached a caf project to demonstrate the case)

br, bernd (13 KB)

Deploying MWS Skins as Designer Projects is a new feature coming in 8.2. However, you can’t really deploy skins with Designer projects right now.

You can export your custom skin into a deployable package using the Skin Administration. By default, this is a .cdp file which is a simple zip archive. You can extract the contents into a few folders and files and add that as a General Project into Designer.

You can also use the build scripts to automatically package the contents of your skin back into a deployable component.


Ok, thank you!