Sizeoflist returning 0

I am receiving a recordlist with one record.
In sizeoflist I am getting 0 as size.
What can be the reason.


Hi, Prasanna.

Please step through your Flow using the F7 key. Using Step, the Developer will stop executing the Flow just before the highlighted step.

When your Flow step pub.list:sizeOfList is highlighted, go the Results tab and make sure that the object you are mapping to the Pipeline In variable fromList is in the pipeline and is not null.

If you are using the Built-in Server pub.record:length, check for variable mapping to the Pipeline In variable recordList.

Good luck and don’t worry about writing things like “WAITING FOR REPLY” and all. We all know that you wouldn’t have asked the question if you didn’t want the group to help you find an answer. :wink: