Single Sign-On using Active Directory

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to do single-sign-on authentication for MWS using Active Directory.

Basically, when I open MWS or Business Console URL, I should not be shown the Login Screen but it should authenticate with Active Directory and log me in. I have the LDAP directory setup inside MWS.

I am going through the documentation but did not get clear idea on how to proceed.
Could anyone guide me on the same please?

If the above can be achieved using Kerberos, then steps on how to do using Kerberos should help. Thanks!

Hi Irfan,

please have a look at the MWS Administrators Guide for details.

You will need to have another portal where you are logging in to your SSO solution.

This will then invoke the MWS with the username in an HTTP header variable.

With SysAdmin log in to your MWS and configure the HTTP Authentication to match the informations presented by your SSO solution in HTTP header.