Simultaneous Development on Enterprise Broker

We have a team of 4 people working on 4 different integrations. We all would like to work on same broker and share some adapters.
Are there any issues working simultaneously?
One of our earlier experience is while working simultaneously, sometimes the work gets lost. Has anyone faced any such problem?


You might consider creating an environment for each developer, and synching through a source code control system (e.g. CVS). You can put the exported ADL files from each component into source control. See the GEAR documentation on team development for details.

This is how I see most teams operate.


What an annoying problem this is, isn’t it? It seems to be true that you will run into problems if you have multiple people simultaneously working on the same Broker. Here in our Crash and Burn environment, each developer has their own Broker - In the Shared development environment, it is still an issue. We have to communicate when making changes to make sure changes don’t get overwritten…

We faced similar problem, the solution we found out was change the settings in Enterprise Integrator.

from the menu->Edit->Preferences->Sessions(tab)->Defer Update from Users(Check it)

Hope, it helps…