Similar function to BROKERDATE in Wm6.1

Hi All,

I am facing a problem while migrating the Wm4.1 code to Wm6.1.

In Wm4.1 code they are using the API BrokerDate but i think this is not present in Wm 6.1

Is there any similar function for this API BrokerDate in Wm6.1

Sample code:

 BrokerDate bDate = new BrokerDate(1200, d.get(Calendar.MONTH), d.get(Calendar.DATE), d.get(Calendar.HOUR), d.get(Calendar.MINUTE),
d.get(Calendar.SECOND), 0);



There is no such thing as Wm4.1 and Wm6.1 What products specifically are you migrating from and to?


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply,

I am migrating the code from VisualIntegrator to webmethods 6.1, In Visual Integrator code there is an API called BROKERDATE. But this BROKERDATE API is not there in webmethods 6.1.

So just i need to know is there any other similar function in Webmethods 6.1 to replace this BrokerDate function


webMethods is a company, not a product. There is no such thing as “webMethods 6.1” much like there is no such thing as “Microsoft 2000.”

As you undoubtedly know, but for the sake of readers that may not, the BrokerDate class is part of the webMethods Broker product (COM.activesw.api.client.BrokerDate). If you have code that is interacting directly with the Broker (e.g. a Broker client application written in Java) then you can continue to use BrokerDate.

If you are converting a previous Enterprise Server 4.x/5.x solution to use IS 6.x facilities then you’ll want to review the WmPublic package within Integration Server. Look for the folder and review the services there. When using IS to do the equivalent of BI/VI/EI work all of the Broker APIs get pushed behind the scenes.

There are migration guides available on Advantage. You may find them helpful.

Did you get any compilation error?


If u r using the Brokerdate for getting the current date in ur integration , then u can use getCurrentDate or getCurrentDateString in found in IS. When u said that u converted the Code from Enterprise server 4.1 to IS 6.1, did u use the upgrade utility from webMethods? If yes then it will take care of the conversions.