Silent install for Enterprise Server 4541 on windows

Someone at my company inquired about running silent installs for enterprise server on W2K systems. I poked around the documentation but it seems like you can only do this for Integration Server 4.6 and that’s on UNIX. Can anyone tell me a little more about these silent installs and whether or not it’s possible to do with Enterprise Server version 4.5.x/4.1.1?

So, uh… what’s a silent install?

During normal installation, the install program will prompt for various things such as install directory, license key, complete/custom install, etc. A silent install allows these items to be specified on the command-line or in a file so that the installation does not require any user input at the keyboard. This is useful when using automated install tools to push software to a new machine.

Enterprise 4.1 docs indicate it too has a unattended install capability but alas it is also for Unix only. I can only assume that newer versions still have this feature.