Signing/ verifying data in flow service


I have to verify signed data in flow service: data is signed at client side and is now necessarily XML data – it can be just raw signature bytes; So, here is what i have:

  1. Public certificate of author (owner of certificate)
  2. Public certificate of CA which ultimately issued certificate. If needed, I can also acquire certificates of intermediate CA. All these certificates are available in either of *.der, *.pem formats.
  3. b64 encoded data which was signed (original text);
  4. b64 encoded signature for data in step (3);
    Now the question: is there any quick way to validate the signature? I see sign/ verify services in package, but i am not able to verify the signature - i get error:

[ISS.0086.9085] An error occurred attempting to reconstruct the signature: Next ASN.1 object is no SEQUENCE!

Next pending problem is signing [of raw data] and encryption where i believe same problems will arise. Again, is there a point in using built-in wm flow services for that, or is it better to delegate these functions to java services instead?



Trading Networks has some good crypto services.
Otherwise if TN and IS public services provide no help, building a java service that implements the Bouncy Castle security API ( is an alternative.