Signing data using a private key with the in built service security:sign


I am trying to sign some data with a private key and I am using a built in service security:sign in WM 7.x.x.

Can someone suggest the best practice of the service or suggest someother built in service in WM 7.x.x for the above situation.

Thanks in advance,

What kind of suggestion are you looking for? how to handle key or how to sign?

Hi Tong,

I want to know the best practice of using the sign service.

Our client needs the data signed by the private key before sending and let me know how to sign the data with the private key.

Thanks in advance,

if you have the WmSamples package, there are sample services under: sample.smime:build_SignedSMime
you can follow.
if you don’t have the package, try to get it from the empower web site.