% sign for pipeline variable reference not working

I manually assign the value of one pipeline variable say string1 to string2 in the format of “%string1%”. However during debug it is showing %string1% as the value of string2, not the real value of string1. What happened? In my other services there is no such problem.

Did you check mark the perform variable substitution while setting the variable???

@ lm wood,
When you set value to string2 as %string1% make sure perform variable substitution check-box is checked…

What is your wM version?

Both of you are very smart. Thanks that’s the root cause.

Developers makes this common mistake in a hurry but no worries there is always a fix :slight_smile:

Good day…

lm wood,

It happens and most of the times you will leave it unchecked :smiley: …taking it very close testing or more eyes should resolve it. :smiley: