Siebel Adapter with Null Values

We have created a Siebel adapter for update with 4 fileds


During the transaction some times we get only three values and we need to update only those 3 values. But the adpater is replacing the fourth field with Null value, rather than leaving with it old value. We need to retain its old value while updating only the remaining 3 fields.

Note: we may get any of fields for update and we need to retain the other field undistrubed.

Can anyone help in this matter.


This issue was resolved by wm long back. you either install a latest version or contact wm for patch fix.

mail me if you require any related info
prastogi at gmail


Hi Prakash,
As you mentioned we have raised a service request with webMethods and they responsed as ther eis a glitch in the adapter and will fix in the following versions. But you mentoined that It has been resolved already, can kindly mention in which version or which patch is the fix


Hi Rock,

You please tell me which version (wm and siebel) you are using? did you install latest version? You will not get fix for older version. It was released with SP3, I do not remember exact fix name. At present I am not working on all these so out of memory. if you will not get your solution then I will help you out. Ask WM guys they will do their hw.

there is one work around you query for your field which is not being updated and now you can use all 3 new and one you hv queried to update your field.