Siebel adapter fails to connect


Our Siebel 3.0 adapter connects ok with the Siebel server. But whenever the Siebel server is brought down and I try to re-establish the adapter connection in the Adapter Configuration screen, it fails. I then have to restart the IS server for it to successfully connect.

Please advise how I can avoid the IS server reboot. Is it something to do with connection pooling? Maybe the pool needs to be reset? How do I do that?


Hi there,

Yes, set your Minimun Connection Pool to 0. This should take care of your issue.


I presume that you are using siebel’s Java Data bean(Java thin connection) to connect to your siebel server. There is a know issue with Siebel’s Java Data bean jar files which prevents the adapter from re-connecting to siebel.

Meanwhile you can limit this problem by setting the Min connection to 0, and time to live, to say 30000(30 sec), this will reduce the chances that you will run into this issue. I suggest you talk to Siebel and ask them to give you the latest jar files which addresses this re-connection issue.