Siebel Adapter Error SetRepositoryContext


I am using siebel adapter 6.1 for siebel version 7.7.2 and getting the following error. [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service BSL.siebel:account.
[ADA.448.1000] SiebelJavaOperations.performQuery() - threw a SiebelException: code(23075), msg(The specialized method ‘SetRepositoryContext’ is not supported on Business Component ‘Account’ used by Business Object ‘Account’.(SBL-DAT-00322))



there are couple of thing you need to look here:

  1. See if all the fix has been applied after you install the adapter.
  2. the jar files needed are in place with correct version.
  3. After you create the connection. Do a test and see if you can browse the Account object and try to update some simple field say text field first.
  4. see the user you used to login in siebel adpater connection has proper access right.
  5. Optionaly you need to make sure the Siebel SRF file there in siebel server has updated and compiled recently.

I worked on the earlier siebel adapter version and got simmilar error and after I follow the steps above it was resolved.

Ya, that was the problem with applying fix and got resolved.

which fix has been applied to solve that?

I am using siebel adapter 6.0 for siebel version 7.7 and getting the following error.

ADA.448.1000] SiebelJavaOperations.performUpdate() - threw a SiebelException: code(23394), msg(The requested extension language function ActiveBusComp on object Application [Siebel Sales Enterprise] is not supported in the current configuration.
Please modify your script to exclude this usage.(SBL-EXL-00124))

Help me on this error.

Thanks & regards
Amarnath V


I have observed that webMethods Siebel Adapter 6.0 Fix 8 has resolved the querying issue (SiebelJavaOperations.performQuery() )