Siebel Adapter and Cursors

Hi All,

We are using siebel Adapter and using Java thin client connection. Issue is when we have mass transactions comming in through our legacy system and the number of transaction exceeds more than the number of open cursors defined in Oracle “which in our case is 1500” it errors out with MAX cursors exceeded.

Has anyone faced this behavior.

We are using Siebel Application version 7823 and WM Siebel Adapter is 6.5.1

TO me i believe it is more to do with the native WM Siebel Adapter code written where upon peforming a transaction it instantiates the Business Components as required but having completed the transaction it does not destroys the objects it had instantiated and this the cursor remains open.

Looks like more of a question to WM engineering but was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions

Thank You
Jaikumar Lalwani