Siebel 3.0: EAI webMethods Transport (passing documents thro

Adapter: 3.0
Siebel Version: 7.5.3
Integration Server: 6.1

We are calling the SyncISInvoke Business Service in Siebel to pass data to the Integration Server. If we invoke the Debug Service then we can successfully pass the required data elements. However, if we try and publish a document then we get the following error in Siebel.

ISTransport.synISInvoke: Error invoking service. Msg ([ISS.0085.9159] Invalid input. �document� is a required parameter of type Idata)

We are passing the required parameters (foldername, servicename etc.) in the eScript. Do we need to pass a parameter to specify document?

I’m getting the same error. Were you able to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.