shorten connection-timeout

If the Database I try to connect is down or doesn’t exist the TCommunicationException takes about 30 sek to appear.
Can I shorten this timespan?


Hello Frank,

one possibility is to disable the usage of “retry handlers” in the API. Then the connection attempt will appear to fail faster, because there will not be multiple connection attempts.

There is a class called TPreference:

   com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.common.TPreference</pre><BR>It can be used to disable retry handlers like this:<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">   TPreference.getInstance().setUseRetryHandler(false);

(Disable retry handlers before connecting, of course!)

I hope that helps,

This has exactly the effect I expected.
Now the exception appears immediately and the
process doesn’l “lock”.

Thank you,