Shell section not deployed

Hello everybody,

I have a strange problem with my MWS (8.2) deployment: On the source server I have a shell that uses a shell section as a header. On the target server, the shell gets deployed, but the shell section is missing.

I cannot see the shell section itself when defining the deployment set. Is it implicitly included through the shell?

Any help is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Dominik,

I think you might find the following resources useful: 8-2-SP1_Administering_My_webMethods_Server.pdf (Chapter 24) and 8-2-SP1_CAF_Development_Help.pdf (Chapter 10).

What I would do is to export the shell section, go into the exported package, get from there the xmlImport.xml and reference it in the mail xmlImport of my project.

Some details on this can be found here:

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian