SHA-256 algorithm query


I’m relatively new to webMethods and pretty much the same for JAVA.
I’m using with algorithm SHA-256 to generate a value.

Once the value is generated I’m converting it to a string which I’m then using to pass in a HTTPS header for auhentication in a target webservice. I’m experiencing and “unauthorized” error.

My questions are:

  1. Do I need a version of the local_policy.jar and us_export_policy.jar file containing SHA-256 cytography installed in the JVM security path?
  2. How can I confirm that the hash value generated by the Integration Server matches what I expect? I’ve been given a sample CURL request which works successfully, and when I hard code these values I’m able to access the target webservice, however I’m unable to match the generated value as in the toolkit it shows unprintable characters. Any suggestions on how to convert this?

Any suggestions greatly received

This question is no longer relevant. My issue has been resolved.

Hi Loraine,

can you provide an outline how you have resolved your issue?

Might be helpful for other users too.