SFTP with password.

Hi All,

I have a requirement where we use SFTP communication and we have been using SSH key based authentication. But the partner says they do not support key based authentication.

Can someone tell me how to accomplish using username/pwd for SFTP. As it gets executed from unix shell.


A search for “ssh sftp password” turns up some interesting items.

You may find www.cyberciti.biz/faq/noninteractive-shell-script-ssh-password-provider/ useful.

Hi reamon,

Thanks for your reply. I did some research and found that there is a BW_Utilities package where some java code has been developed on Jcraft.

Can you please tell what is this Jcraft Jsch package? Is it a open source. What are the limitations to use this approach? I appreciate your help if you could comment on these.



It uses BSD-style license (free and pretty much can do what you want
with it).

It is a Java library on top of which you could create IS services for
use in your integrations. The company I work for did this sort of thing
with a different library and the approach is effective.

If you’re comfortable with creating and maintaining Java services then
using JSch can give you the functions and flexibility you want. The
only downside is you’ll have to do some work to hook the library into IS.

Dear david …

I have already posted the java service which works on both password and keybased SFTP … you can use the code in your implementations …

Please check the posts under “Protocols” forums …