SFTP TO MVS Mainframes server


We have an interface where we do FTP to MVS mainfranme.
We are using inbilt services like ftp:login, cd to target dir, ftp:quote and then put the file.

we are using below quote commands

site rec=fb
site cy
site pri=5
site sec=5
site lr=51
site bl=0

I serached but could not understand wht exactly these commands does.

Alos, now we have to do a SFTP to same maunframe server. We are using jcraft.jsh for implementing SFTP in WM 8.2
Can I know how I can perform these quote commands using jcraft.jsh?

Any suggestions pleaseā€¦


You may check this site about quote commands to MVS and info:



Hi RMG, Thanks a lot for your response.
I could understand what dows these quote commands does.
Can you pls tell me ho can we perform quote commands in SFTP using jcraft jsch?
Do we have any API available in jcraft where we can execute quote commands on MVS server.

Sorry no more clues on this topic with jcraft.

once you download the source package of jsch, it has a examples directory, there are many java sample code you can use. hope you can find right one there.