Setup problem

I have a problem in setup the x-application.

I have now installed x-application 3.2 on Windows 2000 and Tamino on Linux.

Here is the configuration of Windows and Linux

Windows Linux
Tomcat 3.3.1a 4.0.1

When I run setup.cmd, the collection and schemas can successfully created, but it prompts error when document uploading …

[java] API Version = 1.1
[java] Tamino Java Loader has started.
[java] Returned Document: session 11 established
[java] Returned Document: document processing started
[java] Returned Document: INOXPE8702: Invalid document prolog
[java] 0 elements uploaded from
[java] D:\NewsML\TestTamino\XApplication\xapplication_312/testsuite/xmlfil
[java] to
[java] Load Error INOXPE8702: Invalid document prolog
[java] XML volume = 2761 bytes
[java] Upload escaped volume 4195 bytes”

I have tested to link to my Window’s Tamino and it is successfully uploading the documents. What’s the problem?

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which version of X-Application do you have installed?

X-Application 3.1.2 or 3.1.3.

Independent of the version you are using, X-Application requires a running database. The setup does not create a database.

Therefore my question: Did you create a database ‘xapplication’ on your Tamino Server?

If yes, please use the Tamino Interactive Interface or the X-Plorer to check if the database is available.

If the database is available and the error still exist, sent a new post. Then, we will have a closer look at you configuration.



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