setting rowSpan property for a table cell

Hi All,

I have a table which is binded to a SelectableListTableContentProvider object to display a set of rows.

I want to set rowspan property of it’s first column first row. For this, tried below options but did not work.

  1. Tried setting rowSpan with javascript (on load of the page) - but as the id is not present for table cells, couldn’t set it’s rowSpan property.
  2. No CSS attribute to set rowSpan
  3. CategorizedTable (from Palette view) does not fit my requirement because the look and feel of it’s first column is not the same as the column we get if we apply rowSpan property.

Could you please advise if it is possible to set rowSpan property for a table and how?


Got any solution for this ?

not yet…

  1. Even without an id, you should be able to use the low level prototypejs API to match the table cells. See:

  2. rowSpan is structural, so you are correct that CSS can not change that. But you could probably use CSS to make the cells of the rows appear to be one. For example, making the cells have the same background color and making the adjoining cell borders solid and the same color as the cell background.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your comments. Will try these options.