Setting Constraints for Record


I have a very simple record without any schema assinged.

What I want to do is set some constraints, so that a validation can be done, ie. only certain values are allowed for a string [but I do not want to use the Pick List feature]
What I tried to do was change the settings of the record field [type String] I want to edit (Properties - Constraints), however you need a schema file for that already.

How difficult would it be to write such a schema file? I looked on the internet but I couldn’t find anything useful right away so I thought I could ask here…

I think it should be possible just to create a table where all the valid entries would be stored, but maybe it is much more complicated…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Holger,

Writing a schema will be ideal thing.Use XMLSPY or any XML editor its very easy to write.
You can also give constraints for the record .select the fields in the record right click and goto properties.
Theres a tab for constraints were you can specify the max-length, data type etc…
Hope this helps you to start off.

feel free to contact me for further queries.