Set security for DSP

Does any body know how to put security on DSP i.e only certain users can access certain DSP.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

the ACL on DSP is set in a file called .access that should be found in that same directory as the DSPs. Note that .access files do not support full wildcarding. You can created a .access file like the following to allow a single DSP and a JPG that it uses to have a different ACL from all the other files.

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    myDsp.dsp MyAppAcl
    myJpgUsedByMyDsp.jpg MyAppAcl


Thanks alot Fred, but if you can do me a favor and explain the steps how to do it cuz i m kind a new with this.

I really appreciate that.

Thanks alot in advance

Hi Taz,
attached is a .pdf file found on advantage site for B2B security, hope it helps.


Thanks Alot Fred and Leon for explaining me and that pdf is awsome. It really helped me understanding the concept.
You Guys rocks.