Set Message along with SAP IDOC Status

I am using the following SAP RFC WDLD_EDI_STATUS_SET (as a service call from Integration Server)in order the set the processing status of an IDOC.

I also need to set a Message along with the IDOC status. For Example
03 Data passed to port OK
Message: IDoc sent to R/3 System

Kindly let me know which RFC can be used to achieve the same.

Rajgopal Nayak


I am assuming that you are using the SAP Adapter to accomplish SAP connectivity and integration. Look into chapter 8 of the Adapter’s guide. It describes a few ways to enable you to update the SAP with the status of an IDOC as it is processed in IS.

There’s a bit of config that needs to be performed on SAP but, from what I understand, this does the job automatically.