Session in web methods


I have a requirement from clinet, it goes like this:

  1. I will give a input parameter and based on that I have to do some search. This flow service will return some a record list having all the required values.

  2. Now the problem is at a time i have to display only 10 record in the front end. So is it possible to send only 10 records at a time??

How can this be achieved… Please help me as this is an urgent requirement…


What are you using for the presentation layer? To support future requirements changes I would pass a parameter “maxResults” to the Flow service that would copy only that number of results to an output document list. That approach would send only the requested amount of results to the front end.

Since your talking about only a handful of results, you should get adequate performance by looping over the results doc list and using pub.list:appendToDocumentList to copy to a target list to be returned to the UI.

See the excellent thread here on using Vector instead of appendToDocumentList if more or larger result sets are needed.


Hi mark,

Thanks for replying…

Actually i am having a flow service which will do a search a retrieve some records say 100… Again of these 100 records at a time only 10 recods should b sent to the UI… My UI is an ASP page.

I am not getting the pub.list:appendToDocumentList… am I missing something!!!


Well, it would be best to only retrieve the number of results that you want to return (letting SQL or the backend do the work), but failing that, use pub.list:appendToDocumentList in a loop to copy from the results doc list returned from your query to
a new doc list that you will return to be displayed on the front end.

See the Built In Services Guide and dozens or hundreds of posts on wMUsers for help with appendToDocumentList.


thanks for your help mark… i will sort it out now…