ServiceNow ticketing tool

Why is ServiceNow the best ticketing tool?

Hi Srkianth,

can you provide more details about your question, please?

There are many Ticketing tools out there and I have worked with some of them now in varying releases and/or customizations, i.e. HP ServiceManager, HP ClearQuest, BMC ARS Remedy, SAP SOLMan, Jira etc.

All of them have their Pros and Cons, which need to be considered when looking for the ticketing tool that will fit your requirements the best.


Thank you for the reply.
I am interested in learning more about the ServiceNow ticketing tool.
I have got some information from website called ITCanvass about ServiceNow ticketing tool.
The information was helpful to me.

This likely not the right forum for this query. Indeed, likely not the right company-hosted community forums at all. These forums are for SoftwareAG products and components. There may be people here that have some info about ServiceNow but you’re likely going to get more responses elsewhere.

Relatedly, “best” requires context. What works for one may not be good for another. Best is a subjective evaluation.

Anyone providing guidance about any tool without knowing about your specific environment or situation is selling something. Put another way, what would be your view of a doctor who gave you a prescription without examining you or asking about your symptoms? :slight_smile:

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