ServiceException: Connection refused

Hello, any help would be greatly appreciated. I had a webservice working with a client and they decided to change programs in the sense of XML webservice programs. They gave me a new wsdl which i recreated a new Provider and Consumer descriptors, they can send to be with no issue. When I try to send to the client i get the following error “ServiceException: Connection refused” would this be an issue on my end or would this be the clients issue.?

Connection refused typically indicates right server, wrong port. Or right port but wrong server.

Thank you for the response, the client has verified that the credintials have to passed which I am doing. It seems that they need the credintials to be passed another way, do you know of any other way?


When you try to invoke a WS connecor, it allows you to pass authetication details at transport level and other at message level, at which level you are using the username/pwd.

typically u should be passing the authetication details at transport level, but if your partner has used WS-Security feature and looking for the message level authetication as well, you can try out by sending at message level as well.


Thanks for the response devexpert, I tired what you said and the connection does not seem to work. I believe the clients new system is asking for more credentials than webMethods can offer. I am not sure what else I can do in this regards. Any ideas?

IMO, this is not a credentials issue. Things aren’t getting that far. ‘Connection refused’ is a network level error in which the host is being contacted but it is responding with connection refused either because “nothing listening on that port” or “you’re not allowed to access that port.”

Is a firewall in play?

What is the port number? If <1024 there may be issues (depending on the specific OS and setup).

Did the client (the remote partner) change the IP of the host perhaps? When was the last time your IS was restarted? The default behavior for the JVM is to cache host name lookups forever. If they changed the IP (moved their WS to another IP but still using the original hostname) then your IS will not connect to the new IP until it is restarted. Or change the config to use the IP instead of the host name.

Hopefully one of these resolves things or results in a new clue.

Raemon, that was the issue the JVM was holding the cache. I changed it to the IP and it worked. THANKS ALL FOR YOU HELP.