ServiceException: [B2BCORE.0042.9327]


I am getting the following error whenever i try to communicate with our client’s production system, but the process works fine when the system communicates with client’s Development system.
The only difference between the client’s development and production system is the URL. I am i missing something in the configuration?
the error is :

[B] Expecting got

I am using SAP Business connector for webMethods.

your help in this regard is highly appreciated.


This seems to indicate that what is being returned from the client’s production system is malformed. Check the response document to verify that it is valid.

Please let me know if you found the solution. We are facing exactly the same issue. Thanks.

Expecting got tells me you’re getting HTML and trying to parse it as XML. Not sure what application you’re integrating with but perhaps that HTML has an error message that would indicate to you what the real problem is. Trying saving the HTML to a file or writing it to the log. Or simply reach out to the owner of the application and ask them why you’re getting HTML back.