service to send an encrypted email to outlook

hello friends ,

i have written a flow service to send an encrypted mail to outlook…
but in the outlook the message is not decrypted properly and also the contents of the encrypted email is not been shown …which service do ineed to use for this .please could anyone help me out

Can you give details of what encryption algorithm are you using and which service are you using for the same?


Hello Pritam

i am using DES3 Algorithm

i am usign the following services to generate the encrypted mail.but decryption is not happening in my outlook

  1. sample.mime.helper:acquireMsg
  2. sample.smime.helpers:loadCertificateObjectList (give the receipients public key certificate as input here)
  3. pub.smime.createEncryptedData
  4. pub.cleient:smtp

Hi pavithrak,
In the use of Encryption and decryption, both ends must uses the same Algorithm. Did u find out whether Outlook implements DES3 algorithm.