Service naming

We are manually creating services in Centrasite (not by importing wsdl since we don’t want to have wsdls in CS). How should we name the services to make sure that when we in the future add a webServiceIntermediary (or populate Centrasite with data directly from webMethods IntegrationServer) all the manually created services automatically correspond to the the services in the intermediary (meaning they have the same “key” and therefore are the same service)? Otherwise we will end up with duplicates of every service, one manually created and one populated from intermediary/or wM IS.

When creating a service using wsdls the Services in CS get the same name as the service name in the wsdl, is that the same name that the intermediary will use as the service key?

Did any one try to import services to Centrasite from a intermediary?

hello maria,

if i understand you correctly, you want to enter a service (or, more abstract, an artefact) into CentraSite now, and later modify its information and in particular add a WSDL file.
the GUID for an artifact in CentraSite is the UDDI-key, so as long as you query & update by this, you should be fine.

actually trying to create a (new) service with an existing UDDI-key should not work.

hope this helps,
andreas f.

Hi Andreas! (again!, we’ve had some email conversations concerning installation and backup)

I tested this:

  1. created a service in CS with the name “T2.getCustomer”.
  2. imported a wsdl to that service, with webService service name = “T2.getCustomer”.
  3. That was OK since the wsdl contained the exact service which I have typed in the CentraSite service name.

(before next steps I removed the service created above)

  1. created a service in CS with the name “getCustomer”.
  2. imported a wsdl to that service, with the webService name = “T2.getCustomer”.
  3. That was NOT ok since the CS service name could not be found in the wsdl (No service can be found or something…)

I didnt do any UDDI key update in the first case so thats why I think the name is the “key” to be able to attach a wsdl to an already existing service.

Do you get the scenario? We are creating services now (with whatever names right now) but now I am afraid that this means we wont be able to attach wsdls later on, or get correlations between the services in CS and services on the ISes (via intermediary).