Service invocation from Mediator at pre-processing step

We are trying to invoke a service on the IS Mediator for a virtualized service. This service is set in the Request processing step of the virtualized service. Currently we are getting access denied for the service to be executed on the mediator. If the Execute ACL is set to Anonymous there are no errors. The objective is to implement ACL on the service which will be called via the Mediator. CentraSite and Mediator version is 9.7

We created a user on the Mediator IS and used the same user to invoke the virtualized service.
Created a native web service and virtualized the same
In the Proccessing step profile added the Request Processing step as webMethods IS Service and given the service name
Added the application and user in consumers profile for the service and synchronized with the Mediator
Created the connector from mediator WSDL and triggered the service.

Unable to trigger the service as we are getting access denied and Consumer name and ID is coming also unknown and request is not going to end system.

Below is the server log:

[39919] Status: ERROR Unable to invoke ESB Service:sudharani.InstantLinkPolicy:instantLinkPolicy. Exception:[ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied
[39918] Consumer ID: unknown
[39917] Consumer Name: unknown
[39916] Session Id: 631474808a151763b6e69a979227ab6e
[39915] Native Endpoint: null
[39914] Operation/Resource name: create
[39913] Description: Invoked at 1/11/16 2:03 PM
[39912] Virtual Service: InstantLinkWebServices_VS
[39911] Runtime policy: Log All Invocation
[39910]2016-01-11 14:03:55 AST [MED.0001.0005I] Transaction event

ServiceInvocationFromMediator.docx (106 KB)

Please post VSD and request document. Does your request include WSS tokens to identify the user/consumer?

Suggestion - make sure you can invoke the virtual service without any request processing call to an IS flow service. Once you have configured the service to be called by your consumer, then add in the request processing step with its call to a flow service.

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Hi Douglas,

Thanks for your suggestion. It is working as we expected.