Service Integration Serer doesn't start

I have a server where the service intergation server installed doesn’t start. I don’t know why. In the event viewer, I see nothing about this error. I dont know where to look for.

Which kind of log file I need to see.


Hi Vital,

please check for IntegrationServer/instances/default/logs/server.log and/or profiles/IS_default/logs/wrapper.log for further informations.

Additionally provide the wM version of the affected IntegrationServer.


Hello Holger,
Thansk for your answer.

Actually now the service start thanks to our infomatic department who delete some tmp file.

But the fact now, when I try to access to IS by a browser, I have the page “Site unvailable”.
And I have Nothing in wrapper.log and server.log which can help me.
I have juste a message saying that a .options file in /profiles/IS_default/bin/ does not exist.
But I guess the problem is not here because in a other IS (development IS for instance), I haven’t the .options file to and IS works.


Are you receiving and actual HTTP status code (503 or similar) ou no response at all?

Can you check that the IS is listening to the port you configured (5555 and 9999 by default)?

Best regards,