service in developer


i could not able to found “sample:io.writeToFile” service in developer…

Thanks in Advance

if you mean:
it’s in the WmSamples package

What is your IS version and WmSamples package you are referring to?..please make sure this package is enabled on the IS:

You can even get this service from PSUtilities package or write a Java Service utility as a last option.


Hi Reeta,
If you are in webMethods 8.2 version, you can use the below public services from WmPublic package



Hi Senthil,
Thanks for your reply and Sorry for late reply.Actually I am using webmethods 7.1 ,so can u suggest me any other methods ?

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Hi Rmg,
Thanks for your reply and Sorry for late reply.I am using Webmethods 7.1 and in IS there is no Package named WmSamples.So please tell me where I can get that WmSamples package.I will try to use service available in PS Utilities as you said in my service.

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Hi Tong,
Thanks for your reply.Sorry for late reply.But I couldn’t find WmSample package in Developer.(Webmethods 7.1).So please suggest me where I can find this Package.

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Please check the Empower or contact SAG request if they can provide WmSamples package which they might or not still in their list.

If not use the attached writeToFile Java Service (create and make compile on your IS to make it work)

writeToFile_JS.txt (3.49 KB)