Server does not support Publish and Retract

I’m trying to evaluate Centrasite using the Community Edition version When attempting to publish a package from our dev server from my local Software AG Designer 9.5 to a local instance of Centrasite CE, I receive the error message “Server does not support Publish and Retract” immediately after I right click on the package and select “Publish”.

I’ve tested the connection to Centrasite using the test feature in the Centrasite config dialog and it successfully authenticates so at least I know that part is working.

I’ve been unable to find any documentation but the service I’m pointing to by default is not currently available (http://localhost:53305/INMConfiguration/INMConfiguration.xml) I also receive a 404 if I try and to navigate to this url in a browser.

Not sure if this is relevant but when I navigate to the active services at http://localhost:53305/wsstack/services/listServices there is no service related to INMConfiguration listed.

Designer logs show the following stacktrace…

!ENTRY 4 0 2014-09-23 10:29:37.138
!MESSAGE wm.server.metadata.assets:publish
!STACK 0 wm.server.metadata.assets:publish
at )

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.