Server dies every few days - seems to be related to system t

webMethods 4.6
Windows 2000 SP3
Websphere 3.5x

I have webMethods running as a Windows service, and every few days the java process just disappears and the server is no longer up and running. If you look at the Windows services panel it shows the service as still running…

after monitoring it I have seen a pattern where the system threads(under the server statistics page on the webMethods admin console) is always around 1100 when it dies. This may be coincidence, but I am wondering if there is any way to maybe increase the system threads or even set smaller threshold to see if that really is the problem.

I know you can set the Server Thread Pool settings, but how does this relate to the System threads? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

this is an issue appearing everywhere it seems

in Gear6 there is a doc Performance Tuning white Paper on how to deal with the threading, but is not helping that much in our case

I know people that played around with the minimum and maximum thread count settings and these problems were gone. Playing with the Trigger Throttle Controls may also affect the thread count as I heard.

I also have the impression that the heap memory size setting may have an effect.

Any better solution is welcome.