Server classpath not updated

Hi experts,

I have somewhat of an issue with my server classpath and oracle driver on a doze install:

In the server classpath (about page), I see the following entry:

The thing is, the jar in the folder is not named “sl53_cj36.jar”, but “sl53_cj37.jar”.
As a result, my oracle driver won’t load. Am I confused, or is the IS (jvm?) not supposed to detect the correct filename?

So I forced the classpath in server.bat
set APPEND_SYSTEM_CLASSPATH=D:\wm\common\lib\ext\dd37\sl53_cj37.jar

This works fine; I can connect to Oracle but now I have 2 lines in my server classpath:

and further on

Aside for the fact I’m not thrilled to pollute my server.bat, I would like to understand what the issue is here.

Can anybody shed some light on my problem?



OK so my problem was related to a dd fix which was not applied correctly.
Remove and re-apply and the problem magically disappeared!

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