Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier


I have got a strange error on our test environment.

We are communicating with an external party and we are using the https to do this.
When sending a message over https we do not need to add a certificate in the message we are sending. So when i configure the server with the
Trusted Certificates ‘unspecified’ there is no issue.

But… unfortunately, on this particular IS we also communicate with another external party where we do need to send certificates. So there for I need to to configure the Trusted Certificates.When I do this,I always receive the error “Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier”.

Does anybody have an idea on this one?




How did you create your server certificate? Are you using a self-signed cert? If so, it is possible that your cert is constructed improperly or that it is not signed by a certifying authority (CA) that is trusted by the external party.

You can address this by having your cert signed by a CA that the other party trusts (Verisign, Entrust, etc.) or by providing them with the public cert of the CA that you used to sign your cert and asking them to add it to their trusted store.