Sending UTF8 characters to Web Service through connector

I have a web service written in VB.NET 2003. This web service takes a number of parameters, including a customer’s name, and uses them in a mail-merge to generate a Word document. I have a problem using customer names with utf-8 2-byte characters. In the Word document, this comes out as “??”.

I’ve traced the name through the web service connecter wM 6.1 created for this service. It’s correct all the way through to the call to soapHTTP within the connector flow service.

I’ve also used the web-service testing mechanism built into .Net web services. This provides a web-form that you can use to fill in all the parameters and then invoke the service. When I try this, the 2-byte character comes through into the mail-merged document correctly.

From these observations, I’ve concluded that the problem occuring somewhere in the soapHTTP call, but I have no idea what to do about it. Has anyone else run into something like this?


I’ve found the answer – upgrade to webMethods 6.1 SP1. Fix 39, included in SP1, corrects this problem.

(More info from webMethods Advantage: