sending idoc document via http

hi experts,
iam working on webmethods 6.1 version , iam facing a problem regarding the transfer of idoc document from the data base to an integration server via http protocal. Iam not clear with how to use pub.client:http built in service. Can any one help in this regard how to send that document via specified protocal.

Is the description of the service in the Built-in Services Reference not clear? When trying to use the service, what behavior are you seeing?


To which service are you invoking on the IS from SAP?

If you are posting IDOC-XML via http make sure you set the headers/Content-type=application/x-sap.idoc, and map the IDOC string to data/string param.

Please tell us your flow and error details that you are getting when doing post via http client.



I have an xml file like PIP3A4.xml now i want to convert it to IDOC format, which should be able to talk to SAP.please help me

Thanks in advance!