Sending HTML file as an attachement.


Our service will generate an HTML file. with data extracted from EDI file.

to generate a file we are using pub:report:runTemplate service with input information like HTML template name and path and Extracted information from EDI as parameters.–the out put of this service is passed to SMTP service As a content and content type has hardcoded as text/html.

Please find the same screenshot in attachement .

till here everything is ok. When we opened the email the information is comming in the Body of the email. instead of as attachement to the email.

I need send that HTML file as an attachement to email address.

Can you explain the steps that need to be followed or where we were wrong.

we are using 4.6 verson.

Waiting for your inputs.

Thanks in Advance.

You forgot to give the ‘filename’ in the ‘Attachments’ doc. So you are getting the data in the mail body. Give a name like ‘xxxyyy.html’.


Guna, Thanks a lot…Now it works fine.:wink: