Sending daocument to TN

I have a problem using TN. i know it might be very simple but could any body tell me the way how to send a document to TN. cant i send a doncument to TN in the localhost.
i am using a service that gets a file from the harddisc and conerts it to a node and then iam using the client.http with the url: http;//localhost:5555/invoke/wm/tn/receive.

is this wrong?
could anybody tell me how to do it please.

The url has a dot between subfolders. Try:

i used that but its showing an exception =: “no service found”
but i could send the data from another machine to this machine.
but not in the same machine.


Instead of using http to TN,once you have the Node in your custom service,use the service as a flow step.This Node will map implicitly to the input of tn.receive.Its just simple…


I Noticed in your first post that URL has (http;//)

Please check the syntax and follow either the Dave’s sugesstion or my comments.

And also make sure WmTN package is enabled that contains ( service)


i tries using the tn:receive in the flow service directly and it worked.
but when i tried it using the http it is not working. its showing a status of 403 and unknown service. i changed the url also to

is it that i cant http to the tn:receive from the localhost?,
it is working if i send it from another machine.

or should i use the reroute service.

Can you elaborate what is your actual requirement and trying to accomplish?

BTW why are you using http transport when you are trying to send directly to local WM server?
tn.receive service is accomplishing the same thing…peacefully…


Are you submitting document using webmethods built-in service(pub.client.http) from different Integration Server?.
If it is from same webmethods Integration server you can invoke service from your flow serive.
If it is from different system or Integration server you can’t use localhost, you have to use server name or ip address.


try using ip address instead of localhost


as well as the above, is the service registered on the external port?

I want to send an 855 acknowledgement to the sender via TN from IS when the receiver gets 850 document from can i create EDI ANSI X12 855 document in IS and send it to TN.

Please don’t post the questions twice.Its answered in the another thread.