Sending a task notification to a set of users


I just had a look at the Task Notification functionality provided by webMethods. This is an interesting feature for us - especially the possibility to include task action links in notifications enabling users to work on tasks without using a task list.

But from what I read so far, it is only possible to send the task notification to users who subscribed to this particular notification (e.g. using the task list). I did not find a way to send a notification to a list of users which is computed by a service:

  1. Read a list of users using an IS service
  2. Send the task notification to these users.

Is there a way to achieve this.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hi Mathiasd,

I have been trying to get a mail notification on an event when the task gets queued.

Can you please direct me as to what kind of setting need to be done at the MWS level for the same.

The following things have been done by me in the task:

Created a notification.
Created an event.
Created an assignment.

Can you please give me directions to do the same. Any hand made documentation will do because i went through all the SAG documentation but were of no use.

Thanks in advance,