sending a doc from one server to another server

hi, i am sending a xml doc from one Integration server to another Integration server using trading networks but the other end is not able to receive the doc and its showing couldnot send xml doc and if anybody knows the concept how to transfer doc among servers let me know please using trading networks concept

How are you sending to other IS/TN?

You should use client:http service (post method) and invoke URL for with xmldata string as input (assuming you know the invoke URL format) and the other IS/TN will receive it…you can test it out:


since i am new to trading networks let me know how to invoke a url format.

URL format is:



the url which you have forwarded is not working

Did you replaced the ip/port based on your setup?

What error are you getting? Also what is your http service inputs mapped?

Also please review the IS/TN BIS documentation for using it: