Sender Receiver not showing up in Transactions

SAP env : SAP ECC 6.0
WM ENV : SAP Adapter 6.5 Developer 7.1.2

SAP is trying to send IDOCs to webMethods but the transactions are getting Rolledback. I see that there are no Sender Receiver and message type on the transaction screen.
I have tried several options, like disabling/enabling listeners and connections.

What could be the problem here ? Let me know if you want to know more details.

If somebody faced this issue and able to resolve can help here, I really appreciate it


Which error message do you see in SM58 for the corresponding TID?
Is there any entry in the error.log or new_sap.log on wM side?
If not, you need to turn on RFC trace for that Listener, set the SAP Adapter log level to 8 (or higher) and resend the IDoc once from SM58. The trace together with the new_sap.log should tell you what goes wrong.