Send errors out

I am trying to send 3A4V02.02. Trading netwoks is able to recognise Intenal Po Request doc type but it doesn’t recognise PIP3A4V02.02. It shows dotype as unknown. I have PIP3A4V02.02 installed and TPA set for the same. I am kind of stuck. How should I go about.

Send errors out with the following message,
[6343] wm.ip.rnif11.trp:startNOFv1
[6341]Service Call Stack:
. Error: No matching conversation script. [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.000009] [ESIPRT.000070.

Resoloved by installing PIP0A1 process model.